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  • Are you tired of feeling unhappy?
  • Do you wish you were not in another disappointing relationship?
  • Do you hate your job and want to find out what career will
    make you truly happy?
  • Are you feeling depressed and can’t seem to get out of a funk?
  • Have you realized that you spend more time at
    a bar than anywhere else?
  • Are you frequently asking yourself,
    “Do I have a drinking problem?”
  • Are you wondering how you are going to make
    it through this divorce?
  • Are you having trouble falling asleep because your mind
    races about things you have to do the next day?
  • Are you tired of hurtful relationships with your
    parents or family members?
  • Are you disappointed with where your relationship
    with your spouse is?
  • Are you asking yourself, “Is this all there is to life?”

your life. back on track.

Most of us would love to move forward in certain areas of our life but, let’s face it, sometimes we lose our direction, get stuck or thrown off-track. Jessica offers


that can help you get your life back on track by working with you to face the “normal” challenges of everyday life that hold you back from experiencing true happiness.


JK Therapy offers interactive, psychodynamic and short-term therapy to individuals, families, and couples.
At JK Therapy, you will find the best route to your true self and get your life back on track.

life challenges and milestones

Substance abuse
Coping with infertility
Watching the biological clock
Becoming parents
Family and work stress
Loss and grief
Relationship issues – separation, breakup and divorce

We look forward to helping you and your family overcome these normal stressors so you can be the family you expected to be.

about jessica



may make some individuals a little nervous, Jessica provides a safe environment and an empathetic ear making the experience as comfortable as ever.

early experience

Jessica earned a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from NYU and has years of experience working with families and individuals. Jessica’s desire for helping others came from her experience as an interior designer spending many hours working with clients who would share the many challenges they were facing in their personal and professional lives: infertility, relationship issues, parenting struggles, depression, anxiety, loss and substance abuse issues. She felt honored that her clients shared their struggles with her, but also felt a great responsibility to be able to truly and adequately help them. This is when Jessica decided to switch careers and become a therapist with the goal in mind of helping “every day people” in her private practice live their best lives.

Graduate Work & Post-Graduate Work

During graduate school she focused on working with those struggling with mental health and substance abuse at Summit Oaks Hospital – a psychiatric and substance abuse inpatient facility. She also worked with the same populations at


University Medical Center’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic.

Since graduation she has worked as a medical social worker at Palisades Medical Center in North Bergen,NJ, and Jersey City Medical Center . She has worked in the field of hospice as a counselor for Grace Hospice in Edison, NJ and Renal Ventures of Clifton, NJ. In these positions she counseled families and individuals struggling with depression and anxiety surrounding new diagnosis and end of life issues.

At Jersey City Medical Center she counseled families and patients struggling through obstetrics and gynecological challenges: infertility, post partum depression and anxiety around being new parents. Additionally, she has worked in the community of Hudson County for Child and Family Solutions of Turnersville, NJ as an in home therapist.

today and beyond

Jessica is one of most respected




for both individual and

family counseling

. She also maintains a per diem status at Jersey City Medical Center and Summit Oaks Hospital. She is also a member of the


Chamber of Commerce, BNI Gold Coast and the National Association of Social Workers. Jessica truly enjoys




and it shows through the residents of


whom she has helped overcome the “every day challenges,” in their lives and believes her greatest reward is their happiness.

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She leans over the bathroom sink toward the mirror getting a better look so as to blend her lipstick evenly.  She realizes she only has ten minutes before her daughter wakes up, and not much more time before her husband’s comatose like sleep from last night’s bottle of Smirnoff wears off. This time of day […]

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They had been dating for about two years. They met at a local friend’s Fourth of July back yard BBQ. They were the only ones whom the host did not know from work. Talk of programming and outsourcing left them on the sidelines truly positioned to seek comfort in the other. The past two years […]

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Do you stay married for your children?

Lilly slowly walked up the stairs and reached into the front pocket of her backpack for the house keys.  She could hear the fighting between her parents from the landing of the stairs and thought “Will they ever stop?” She then became mad at herself for not staying longer at the playground with the rest […]

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Mother’s Fatigue

She was exhausted. She quietly stole a moment for herself as she rested her head on a throw pillow. She reminisced about the carefree and happy memory of picking out the pillow when they bought their first piece of furniture together, a year after they met. As she laid there she realized she was experiencing […]

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