As the world becomes more and more internet-based, services that used to be solely in-person are transitioning to the virtual sphere. If you are following this movement and you need a therapist, JK Therapy offers virtual therapy options. Although based in Hoboken, NJ, we offer our services to the online community in multiple areas. Read more below about some of the things we treat.

Everyday Stresses

Both your personal and professional life can involve stressful situations that you may not know how to handle. Perhaps you're stressed about heading up a large project at work, or maybe a family member recently passed away and you don't know how to handle it. If you need a helping hand, contacting a trained therapist is a good place to start. 

Relationship Challenges

Relationships can be difficult to navigate, and some adversity is to be expected. If you feel like you and your partner can't get through a challenge alone, contact a trained professional. At JK Therapy, we can help you work through a variety of hurdles, including infertility, parenting struggles, or even a separation or divorce.

Mental Health Struggles

Mental health has moved farther and farther into the public eye, helping to destigmatize the idea of needing help to deal with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Whether your mental health challenges are chronic or situational, you can benefit from meeting with a therapist.

Substance Abuse Issues

If you're struggling with substance abuse, it may feel as if you are all alone. However, a therapist is a great resource who can help you on your journey to recovery and sobriety. They are trained to help in a myriad of ways and can offer solutions you may not think of otherwise.

To learn more about the things a virtual therapist can help you with, contact us by calling 917-968-2797 or emailing